Quilty Fun Sew Along and Blog Tour

Sew along with the Quilty Fun Sew Along and Blog Tour

Sew Along to make a sampler quilt using Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet's first book, Quilty Fun. Our Sew Along project uses instructions from Quilty Fun, so you will need a book on hand to participate!

Each week, with the help of 19 bloggers, we will help you make your blocks, show plenty of photos, and give away prizes! To help you with cutting, we created some handy PDF companions. Be sure to check back here each Monday to download the PDF.

We will be giving away a bunch of Lori Holt approved prizes throughout the sew along. To enter the weekly giveaways, post a photo of your Sew Along blocks to the Quilty Fun Sew Along and Blog Tour Flickr Page! Winners will be announced the following Monday on the Jolly Jabber!

Order your copy and get ready to have some Quilty Fun!

 PDF download
Very Kerry Berry

PDF download

PDF Downlad
PS I Quilt

PDF Download
Freda's Hive

PDF Download
Pretty By Hand

PDF Download
Why Not Sew

PDF Download
Pam Kitty Morning

PDF Download

PDF Download
Sew Deerly Loved

PDF Download
Clover & Violet

PDF Download
Happy Zombie

PDF Download
Sew Take a Hike

PDF Download
Pleasant Home

PDF Download
Diary of a Quilter

PDF Download
A Little Bit Biased

PDF Download
A Quilting Life

PDF Download
Notes of Sincerity

PDF Download
Charise Creates

PDF Download
Pink Penguin

Quilt Label
Bee in my Bonnet


Linda Cates said...

How Fun!!! Can't wait to follow along with all these talented people!

Anonymous said...

Love the quilty fun!

Mary Malone
mary and russ at wi dot rr dot com

Pieceful said...

Love my new book and I am looking forward to this new Blog Along! Not sure how to sign up for the prizes though! Does making a comment count?

Margaret said...

I love this book and cant wait to start this blog tour. I loved doing the row along and I know this will be just as fun. I have my book ready now I need to get my fabric ready for this.

Jean Rogers said...

I can't wait.
I have my book and have read it five times I think.
Love it!

SoozeM said...

Ooh what fun, I can't wait!!

Beverly said...

I am going to give this a try. I have my book! Wish me luck!

slopez45s2000 said...

I have the book and love it! I am very excited to start. Hurry up Monday.

Mary said...

I want to make this one! Monday, Monday come quick!

chcoach said...

I've been oogling over your new "Quilty Fun" book and now this gives me the motivation to actually create something using the book! Can't wait to start!

Marca said...

Yay! Looking forward to some quilty fun!

Julie said...

just got my book and am going to try this out - sounds like fun. Is this all I do to sign up?

Pam said...

I just got my book last week and have been reading it before bedtime! I can't wait to do this --- it's so doggone CUTE!

Camille Mendel said...

Can't wait to participate. My book is waiting for me at the quilt shop where I've signed up to do a class with Lori. It will be so fun to meet her in person. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

glenna krummenacher said...

I am so in...Today is my birthday and my sister has put together a little birthday gathering with some of my quilting friends to start the Sampler. We are ready with our boo and our stash. Sew here we go....

katie1724 said...

I am so excited to begin another sew along. I lived being a part if the last one!

Red Bucket List said...

So excited. Do you know the finished size of the sampler?

Deanna Allred said...

Sooooo excited for this!

Carol K said...

Sounds like lots of fun. Hope this is an entry to the give away.

Moppy said...

Sew looking forward to do this! Love the book and it will be fun to do it with others! Thanks so much!

Kim McArthur said...

Just got the book, Love it!!! Going to do it in all 30's!!! Can hardly wait!!!

Lynne said...

My first Sew Along! I'm looking forward to it and hoping I can keep up!

Becca said...

I'm really going to try to join in with this. The quilt is so lovely. This will be my first sew along, am a little nervous

Joan Stroh said...

Fun, fun, fun!

Terry@ a quilting blog said...

Love the book and look forward to joining in the fun!

Barbara said...

I just purchased the book and we start on Monday. Never done one of these before should be fun. Wish me luck without the.book. Sure hope it comes in fast.

Barbara said...

Do I have to have the book to start the project on Monday or will there be directions via PDF file? I'm getting a little nervous. My book should arrive in 3 days hopefully.

Vickie said...

A really, great book and now a sew a long. Can't wait!

Becca said...

Hi, I'm really keen to join this, just went to buy the book, but because I'm in the UK the shipping is $24 I can't afford that on top of the book. Do you have a UK stockist?

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

So excited to begin!!

sinnemahoning said...

Really love your book. I signed up for it ASAP when I ordered it. I can't wait to make all the quilt things.

Anonymous said...

Love this book. Can't wait to do this

Diane said...

I have received my book and can look at the PDF but it will not let me Save or Print it and I do not know why. Anyone else having trouble?

mamageese said...

Cannot wait to get my book....it's waiting at my daughter's house for me :). Looks like this is the inspiration I need to keep it going. Cannot wait to see all the creativity beginning with one talented Lori Holt! THX

Donna Lawrence said...

i really like your website i like the colors and fabrics and patterns

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong, but I don't think the "Finished Size" measurements are correct in any of the pdf's. For example, in block one (the apples) it says the finished size is 9.5 * 11.5, but we're supposed to cut a piece of sashing 9.5 * 1.5. This means that either the finished measuremetns or cutting instructions are incorrect. You can't cut a piece of sashing that runs the width of the block and have it finish the same size as it's cut.

Tammy said...

So sad that I am in the uk and shipping prices double the price of your book! Any chance that there will be a European distributor or even a PDF version in the future? I had been collecting fabrics and had a few projects to finish and didn't realise your row a long was a temporary feature. So now I have all my fabrics but no patterns :-(

Becca said...

I'm way behind, just starting week 6 but really enjoying it. Thanks for running

martha said...

Why won't the pdf appear on week thirteen?

Dorothy H said...

Looks like a great book to own..

Anonymous said...

Hi, I need the pdf for week 13 so I can continue with my quilt. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I cannot get weeks 13 and 14 PDF

Please help


Anonymous said...

I'm getting more behind in my quilt. Help!!!! Esther

Jean Rogers said...

I can't get the PDFs for weeks 13 & 14.


I searched on the separate blogs and couldn't get to them either.


a thread above meanderings~ said...

Okay, I'm in the same boat as the last few people, the pdf download does not appear on the site. Is it a block on my part? I don't think so, I see the last Twelve weeks.~ Thanks!

Helen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Helen said...

I found the PDF's for #13 and #14 in the blogpost of the host website for each week...missed them the first time.

raralee said...

I sooo want to be able to get this book but the postage to Australia is almost as much as the book! Is there anywhere here that I can get the book from??? Please I really would love to get this book.

Anonymous said...

These projects are so much fun. I have finished the row along and am up to date on the Quilty Fun! Now I am starting the Calico Hive Quilt. I would love to send some pictures of my row along, but I do not know how to post them. I hung mittens on my snowman outside when we had a foot of snow and took pictures "Lori style" with the mittens draped over his stick arms. I tell you this is addicting. One quilt leads right into another as I make too many blocks and then have to put them in another quilt. THANKS for such a fantastic book. I love the spiral binding too. My daughter gave it to me for Christmas. We were working on the row along as you posted it last year.

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Calculatoare ieftine said...

It's nice having fun with you, people!

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Diane Calvi said...

Love my Quilty Book. So many things that I want to make. The book was a good investment. Thanks

Jeanenne Nielsen said...

Love Lori Holt!

baju batik said...

Very nice
I enjoy visiting here
Have a wonderful day =)

L. Jones said...

Looks like a fun one!